New year, New Veikkaus

The Finnish gaming operations will be shouldered entirely by a single company, as the activities of the current three operators – Fintoto, Finland’s Slot Machine Association RAY, and Veikkaus – merge in 2017.

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Support for Finnish welfare

RAY grants funding for the basic operations, investments, and projects of health and social welfare organisations. Funding is granted annually based on applications.

Applications can be sent in May and September. Funding is available for the following:

  • promoting welfare and the basic operations of organisations
  • preventing health and social welfare problems
  • helping individuals and families who have faced problems.

Funding policies

RAY grant funding is collected from slot machine and casino gaming operations, and it is channeled to health and social welfare organisations.

The funding is used to tackle health and welfare challenges caused by, for example, substance abuse, mental problems, obesity, ageing of the population, and immigration.

The final decision is made by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Slot machine funding is always discretionary. RAY estimates the need for and appropriateness of the suggested operations or projects, and the reasonableness of the costs.

 The evaluation of funding is guided by the RAY funding strategy, an agreement with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on the result objectives, policies and criteria governing the specific type of funding, and applicable legislation.

RAY will prepare a proposal for distributing funding by end of December. The final decision is made by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, usually by the beginning of February. The proposal and decision are public documents and are published on the RAY website.

Find out which organisations get funding in 2015 (database available in Finnish or in Swedish)

Read more about funding policies and see how to apply: in Finnish or in Swedish