New year, New Veikkaus

The Finnish gaming operations will be shouldered entirely by a single company, as the activities of the current three operators – Fintoto, Finland’s Slot Machine Association RAY, and Veikkaus – merge in 2017.

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Controlling your own gaming

It is RAY’s aim to develop its operations so that customers have, as far as is possible, good controlled gaming tools at their disposal – although gaming control and limitation are always primarily at the gamer’s own discretion.

Digital games

The RAY digital gaming service offers several tools, settings, and limits that facilitate controlled gaming.
One of the most important tools for controlled gaming is the compulsory gaming limits that are set when a customer opens a gaming account. Gaming limits are the maximum sum of money you can lose in a day and in a month.
Whilst limits can be decreased immediately, increasing them will incur a delay.
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Casino Helsinki

In its operations Casino Helsinki adheres to both the responsibilities for casinos set out in the Lotteries Act, and the rights to limit playing and even prevent a customer from playing if necessary.
The casino’s responsibility policy includes:

  • Registration when entering the casino.
  • Customers can, if they so wish, request a visitation ban or limit for the casino.
  • The casino can also ban a customer from playing or place limitations on them, in the case of a gaming problem, for example.
  • When a customer’s gaming ban or limitation ends, the casino has a returning conversation with the customer.
  • If a customer wishes, they can ban the casino from sending them any customer post.

You can find more detailed information about the casino’s responsibility policy here.


A customer may, if they so wish, request a voluntary entrance ban from an arcade or arcades in a particular area for a set length of time. Such bans can last 3–12 months.
A photograph of the customer requesting the gaming ban will be taken, and they will sign an agreement concerning the entrance ban.
The monitoring of the entrance ban is based on the personnel’s ability to recognise customers who have signed such agreements, thus RAY cannot absolutely guarantee customers who have opted for bans that they will be recognised.
Personnel in the arcade can address a customer’s gaming if it is having a problematic impact, but they do not have the right to ban a customer from playing on the basis of a gaming problem.

Casino games in restaurants

A customer may, if they so wish, request a voluntary ban from a casino game table in a restaurant, or from restaurants in a particular area for a set amount of time. A gaming ban can be for just one evening, or alternatively it can last 3–12 months.
If a customer has consumed too much alcohol to be able to control their playing or spending, croupiers may also give the customer a one night playing ban.

Gaming locations

A controlled gaming tool called Pelihenki is available for customers on almost all slot machines at gaming locations. This allows a gamer to set their own time, winnings and loss limits for a gaming session, in order to monitor their own gaming.

Paying by card and playing as a RAY Loyal Customer

When paying by card the player must set a daily limit for gaming. The gaming limit is EUR 0–100.
The gaming limit can be changed during the day, and whilst the limit can be lowered immediately, increasing the limit will incur a delay. A gamer can play with winnings they have made during the day on top of their gaming limit.
For Loyal Customers RAY offers a wider range of controlled gaming tools when paying by card.
More information about controlled gaming tools for Loyal Customers.

General information about controlling gaming


  • It is not possible to play RAY’s games on credit.
  • The customer cannot terminate a valid gaming ban under any circumstances.
  • RAY’s personnel are trained in responsible operating methods.
  • Peluuri will contact all customers who have taken out a gaming ban, if the customer has given their consent.
  • Information about the Peluuri services is made available close to all of RAY’s games.